Accept unlimited credit cards for only $50 /mo! 

Sterling Merchant Solutions allows you to accept unlimited revenue for a low flat rate!


Unlimited Processing!

Sterling Merchant Solutions offers unlimited credit and debit card processing for a flat-rate monthly fee of only $50 per month. We accomplish this with our “cash discount” to your customers. If they pay with a card, they pay 4% above the sale price, if they pay with cash, they save the 4%. Your customers can save and you pay zero processing fees. Imagine getting unlimited credit card processing every single month!

When borrowers receive these car title loans, they can use the money to make their monthly payments. They will just have to pay taxes and registration fees associated with the vehicle at the end of the term. Depending on the state, some fees may apply. Some online title loans will not charge additional fees.

Before you choose to obtain an auto title payday loans with a savings account only, take the time to search for interest rates and fees. Find the lowest interest rates and the least amount of time you must spend on payments. You can shop around and compare lenders. Once you have found the lender you think offers the best deal, read the terms and conditions of the agreement.

0% Processing Fees

With Sterling Merchant Solutions, your business can accept unlimited credit and debit cards with absolutely no processing fees whatsoever. 

Unlimited Everything

Unlimited credit card processing, terminal paper, guest check books, pens , guest check presenters, signs for processing, gift cards, loyalty cards & even the terminals!

Local & Personable 

As a business we take pride in being local and accessible to our clients. It allows us to provide a personal touch and service that is usually not available in this market

All For Only $50/mo.

Imagine getting all of your credit card processing, terminals, printing paper and all the other resources for only $50 per month. That’s all you pay for unlimited everything!

Our Features

Easily and efficiently accept credit card and debit card payments in-store, online, or on your mobile device. We offer a variety of products and services to meet your needs.

The Sterling Advantage

Beyond the amazing value of our program, it is our mission to provide Reliable, Sustainable, Innovative, and Personal accounts. We work hard for our clients by being readily available to meet any need. 
Accept unlimited credit cards for only $50 /mo! 

Calice Reifschneider

Local Merchant Services

We work hard to help small and large businesses save money on their credit card processing fees and work with the owner to increase business revenue. Your money stays with your business. My start in this business was generated from the financial loss my father suffered, he was struggling with all the fees he was incurring from credit card processing. So I established Sterling Merchant Solutions so that I could control the rates and fees passed down to business owners from processing companies.


I can’t say how important that it is to have your merchant service person so readily available. I can always pick up the phone and call Calice.

She’s always willing to go the extra mile to help me with my business and all my credit card processing.
Calice is a superior provider of services, equipment and support for all my credit card processing needs as a small business owner for ten years now. Any time I have a question or need assistance, Calice is there in person and/or over the phone immediately.
Calice is great a person. I’ve known her for the last almost 2 years. She cares about her clients a lot. Since I have signed up, I have been saving hundreds of dollars every month. I would recommend her to any business owner to sign up with her. Believe me, you will save a lot.


Accept unlimited credit cards
for only $50 /mo!  


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